Why Choose A Great Phone System For Your Family?

Choosing a great phone system is an important, but often overlooked move that you and your family should consider making. Having a phone system that is great, not mediocre or acceptable, can really help relieve stress that is un-needed and preventable. Not quite convinced you need to upgrade and aim for a better phone system? Check out the top reasons that making the switch could benefit your family.

A great phone system is reliable. This system isn’t know for bad connectivity or other problems. Any great phone system is known for 100% reliability, strength and ease of use. When you have a busy family life, a sub-par phone system isn’t something you should be worrying about. Instead, make the switch to something better.

Another reason to upgrade to something better? You are apt to relieve a bigger bang for your buck when you upgrade to the best. At times upfront costs may rise above mediocre counterparts, but in the long haul these phone systems will actually save you money, as well as time.

Lastly, having a great phone system will help keep you organized and on top of things. When great communication is a call away, you can rest assured that you will be able to call and schedule tasks easier than ever before. Enjoy having the best of the best. Relax and enjoy life.

Still not fully convinced? Take time to think about your current phone system and make a quick mental assessment. Is your current system working well for you and your family? If you answered no, stop and ask yourself why? Are you having issues operating the system, or is said system simply not enough for your personal needs? Take all these things into consideration, and you too may be scrambling to upgrade to a great phone system.


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Where To Shop For The Best Gifts For You Family Friends

If you are wondering where to shop for the best gifts for you, family and friends then consider the benefits of shopping online. One of my favorite online retailers is Amazon.com this is one of the best websites that will accommodate anyone’s shopping needs. Amazon.com offers a wide variety of items, including electronics, clothing, books, shoes, and toys, basically everything. If you can think of it, you will most likely find it on this website and will also save a few dollars because they offer items new and used and have more than one vendor selling the items you are looking at or stumble upon while searching for something else. gifts1Another place to consider shopping when you are looking for awesome gifts for you, family and friends would be Target. They have a broad selection of items and everything is good quality. The accessory section is very trendy and is any woman’s dream. They have stylish sunglasses and pieces of costume and genuine jewelry that you won’t find in a lot of stores. They are affordable and have a fashionable clothing section for children and adults. They have an awesome shoe section. They have all the latest electronics, new released albums and books and a up-to-date home interior section. You can walk around the store and grab and go, or go online and shop to your heart’s desire, while putting a smile on your loved ones face.

One last place to consider when you are looking at great gift ideas for your family would be Hobby Lobby. I don’t know how crafty you are, but I believe items that were made by hand and created from the heart are always the best gifts. One of the great things about Hobby Lobby is that, even if you aren’t that crafty or creative, they still have something for everyone. There store has beads for jewelry making, home décor, artist supplies, baking supplies and scrapbooking materials. It may take a little bit longer when you are the one who is designing the item for your loved ones, but whether it’s perfectly put together or a few glue drops are a part of the design, anything you make will be appreciated.

It doesn’t really matter where you shop for the best gifts for you, your family, and friends. The most memorable items don’t have a monetary value that is more appreciated then the thought behind it.

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Start The Saving Habit And Find Paradise

Jump into the freedom of a well-deserved vacation, whether an extended jaunt or a weekend get-away, by learning simple ways to save money by setting up a plan of savings that you can live with and live by. Start and stick with the basics and watch that dream vacation money build and build.


Step 1: Decide where you want to go on your vacation. Research and come up with the overall cost by adding the expense of travel, meals, tips, souvenirs, vacation clothing, pet care, sightseeing, etc., and then add a buffer amount to cover any unforeseen expenses. Once the total is known, decide on your strategy of saving.

Step 2: Ways to save–calculate how many paychecks are between you and your vacation. Divide the cost of the vacation by the number of paychecks and set aside that amount every payday. Not realistic? Then you’ll have to decide on a less-expensive vacation. Or, sock away a lesser amount each payday, and begin having yard-sales, eating out less often (or not at all), and delaying purchases to make up for the deficit. Small amounts add up over time, and can make all the difference in what you can afford for a vacation. Perhaps you have a hidden talent and can use it to make some extra cash, just to be used for the vacation fund. The most important thing is to start the saving early and often.

Step 3: Enlist the family. Host a family night where the proposed vacation plans can be discussed. Bring everyone up to speed and get them on board. Become the model salesperson, making everyone aware each personal sacrifice and contribution to the vacation fund will pay off in the end. Open the floor to discussion about different ways to save and what each family member is willing to do and can contribute in talent and hard work. You’ll be amazed at the ideas.

Step 4: Set up a daily reminder, like a suitcase with the name of the vacation destination propped up by the door. Or a fund-raiser gauge taped to the refrigerator. This visual display of the goal can help all reach that desired goal.

Whatever methods you come up with, customized to your vacation plans and family talents, will be well worth all the effort in time and money. Be savvy with finances and start today saving for the escape of a lifetime!


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Ways To Motivate Your Kids To Take Up Medicine

As parents we never seem to have enough challenges before another one comes along, especially when it comes to making sure that our children are brought up correctly. From the time they are born, we find ourselves trying to convince them that they should eat all of their food, if only for the fact that they need their protein, then we are forced to deal with encouraging them to go to sleep at an appropriate time.

child taking medicine
With all these challenges, you would think that the art of getting them to take their medicine would be a piece of cake, unfortunately it hardly ever is. Some parents believe in an old fashion bribe with toys or electronics will work, but that option has its moments. Others have found success by giving their child a free reign to plan some together time, at an event of their children.

In many cases, your child will put up some resistance towards taking medicine because of taste, or difficulty swallowing. This stumbling block might be overcome through adding other things to the medication that can improve the taste and still provide the same benefit. Use caution, however, because some medications require you to take them without food.

Everyone likes to be appreciated and more so when it is a child, which is why praising your child after they take their medication has worked so well, with some children. Try to remember that your child may not be feeling they best, so if you hope to get them to follow your directions as far as taking their medicine is concerned, rather than yelling at them, try the calm patient approach.

Not every tablet is easy to swallow, but it only gets worse when your child has trouble swallowing anyway. Larger tablets can be crushed into a powdery texture and mixed into one of their favorite drinks, like fruit juice or chocolate milk. Read the directions first, or consult your pharmacist, to ensure that citrus will not conflict with the medications you are trying to administer.

Remember that no two children are alike, so if you have more than one, don’t expect the same tricks to work with one to work with the other. If none of the simpler methods work, you can turn to a few other options, like convincing your child that if they don’t take their medicine, there is a good chance that they will throw up.

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How To Make Money From Your Home For Your Family

These days the economy has made it a hardship for many families to get by on just one job. While many have chosen to make their households a place of each parent working away from the home, not all parents have the ability to be away from their children and their homes for lengthy periods of time. With this in mind, you might be interested to learn about some legit opportunities to make real money working from home.

SAVE_WITH_USTo be clear, many of these options require full time amounts of work in order to make more than just some supplemental income. So be prepared to put in the hours if you are trying to make what you might expect to make working away from the house. The best approach is to designate certain hours of your days to be work hours, and attempt to leave distractions and household responsibilities until you have concluded your work day.

So what kinds of opportunities exist for people looking to generate more income for their households without ever actually leaving it? First, freelance writing is becoming a huge part of internet marketing for companies and the demand for it is at an all time high. Writing articles for services you can find through simple internet searches offer money making opportunities writing articles, reviews, blog entries and similar compositions. The plus here is that most companies do not require you to be experienced in writing to get accepted as a writer. Many offer step up programs that offer more money making opportunities for better written articles and so on.

Medical transcription writers are in demand right now as well. This is often a position that can be taken from home, but it does require a set amount of typing skills and a medical background. The amount of this experience and education varies from company to company, so even with a limited amount, you might have enough to land the position. This is usually an hourly rate type of job, so it offers a potential of substantial income with dedicated individuals.

These are two hot job offers for those looking to work from home. While there are certainly other options out there, be careful about signing up for anything and everything. Ensure that what you are considering is a legitimate company with credentials, as there are scams out there targeting those seeking gainful employment from work at home opportunities.


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How to File a Tax Extension

Every year all U.S. Citizens are required to file taxes if they received any type of income for that year. For example, if they worked in the year 2012, they will need to file those taxes during the year 2013. However, there is a due date that the taxes need to be filed by which is April 15th. Each employee will receive either a W2, 1099, report self employment funds, or any other forms showing their income for that year. Those forms are what the taxes owed are figured by, plus any other deductions, or earned income credits.


If one is unable to file taxes by the April 15th date, they will be required to file an extension for their taxes. An extension can be filed by filling out Form 4868. This will have to also be turned in by the regular stated due date. This will give someone an extension for 6 additional months making the due date October 15th at that point.

There are three options available on how to ask for an extension for your taxes. You can either fill out Form 4868 by e-file on the IRS website, mail in a paper form, or can pay all or part of your estimated taxes owed by credit or debit card or by using the EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System). If you are making a payment it must be a minimum payment of $1. This payment can be processed over the internet or by phone. The choice is yours. If you do decide to ask for the extension by e-file you will need to ask a tax preparer to do this for you or refer to your tax software program to fulfill the request.

The form will ask you for the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Full Address
  • Social Security Number
  • Spouse’s Social Security Number
  • Estimate of Total Tax Liability for that year
  • Total year payments
  • Balance Due
  • Amount that you are paying

There are also two questions on the form you will need to read and check the box if they apply to you. This is how you would file for an extension for your taxes if needed.


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Parents and Their Kid’s Wedding: The Guide to Keeping It Classy

Weddings are a magical time for everyone involved. There is the gown (you know, THE gown), the flowers, bridesmaids dresses and decorations, the menu…the list goes on. There is so much to attend to, but when the day comes and everything goes off without a hitch: perfection. That is, until the groom’s mother has a few too many glasses of Dom at the reception and starts blathering on about how he will never love any woman as much as he loves his Mommy. Or when the recently divorced father of the bride starts flaunting his young new girlfriend in front of the bride’s mom who then proceeds to cause a jealous scene. You get the picture. A wedding is a big deal for everyone, but come on parents, rein in it!


The most important consideration that a parent must make when their child is getting married is to remember that the day is about the bride and the groom, and no one else. Sure, it might be the bride’s family that is picking up the tab for the whole affair, and maybe the ceremony is taking place in the same church where the groom’s parents play bingo every other Tuesday, but on the big day, none of that matters. Two people are pledging their undying love to one another in front of the people who matter to them most (any maybe some who don’t), and that needs to be the focus of the entire day.

Along the same lines as putting the kids first, parents have to adhere to a strict no drama llama policy. Maybe the bride’s parents despise their new in-laws. Perhaps the groom has a creepy uncle who is constantly trying to grope all of the pretty young bridesmaids. Whatever the case may be, the parents in particular need to do everything in their power to keep the drama at bay so the happy couple does not have to worry about it.

One of the primary jobs of a parent is to support and love their children. When it comes to that child getting married, this job is as important as ever. If a parent is willing and able to put aside their own feelings in order to put their child first, the wedding should be a beautiful event that the bride and groom will cherish forever.

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